Easter Sundy

Woke this morning and noticed twelve followers on my twitter account that I set up yesterday. I really appreciate the reception on the first day. I hope that bodes well for my novel coming out this week.

Seems somehow inappropriate to be writing about my characters and their battles with gods on this day but, with my son interested in The Bible movie series, I’ve rediscovered some great characters in the stories that allow me think about how one would discover and converse with angels and prophets.  I highly recommend the series.

This week I was following the debate about the Amazon acquisition of Goodreads.  There seems to be a lot of angst among the indie authors about this but unfortunately I really don’ t have a good crystal ball about the effect.  I would think they could use the recommendations website to benefit everyone while increasing their revenue but I’ve seen how stupid large companies can be with their new acquisitions at times within my own world.  

Now back to the Shield of Skool.

Clovel Sword Chronicles Website

Just established the Clovel Sword Chronicles website this morning and put out the first draft version. Lots of work to do yet but felt like I needed to focus the series marketing off of it’s own site. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

On a similar note, found this marketing site for authors and seems to have some great information.  Take a look for your needs.

Also, have added a Goodreads.com to my list of spots to visit. I hope someone can stop by and say hello.

For those of you that are into comics, my son is showing me the Youtube spots for a new series “Age of Ultrtron”

Change for Change

It appears I was premature about my cover design. After lots of thinking, and rethinking, I’ve settled on the one I want to use.  So, (dramatic music here)….introducing the Shield of Skool Cover — again..

I like this one the best out of the limited capabilities of createspace (and my budget) so I’m using the expertise from those who reviewed my first attempt and adding a bit of my own twist.

Also, in preparation for the publication of my novel on March 31(no pressure on my editor, wink, wink) today I started out on Goodreads with some reviews and will turn into an author site with publication.  Here is the link…..it seems to be a great site for readers and networking.  Added some reviews and read a sample of In the Shadows by Jess Dixon.  I recommend it if you like the vampire genre.

Also, found an interesting forum entry about top editing tips so thought I would link that up as well.

Another Day, Another Book Design

Well, special thanks to Daron Henson for his great comments to me about blogging (I linked his blog site to his name). I must admit I’m new to pushing out tidbits of info I might know about writing and such but I’ll give it a whirl. I’m currently finishing up final edits on the Shield of Skool (pushing my editor to move faster).

So, my attention is currently focused upon the cover design work which is more difficult than I imagined.  I asked for feedback on my original design on The Writers Network forum at LinkedIn for their thoughts and found some great feedback about some of my shortcomings as a design expert.  With these thoughts in hand, I attempted to make some creative changes and have come up with the following book cover…

If you have stumbled upon this site, you are the first to see my new cover….lucky you…   The design is the best I can do using the limited capabilities of myself and the online program within createspace but hey, it’s free…..
To head off some of the potential arguments  I’ve read some marketing experts online who state you should invest some money into your covers with a design professional but I’ve not seen anything that would show a breakdown of the cost/benefit on such things so I’m going with free for the moment and rely upon the expertise of others that I can find.  Who knows, might change my mind come around publish time for the second book of the series.  I’m open to any advice/thoughts from others on the comments side.
Speaking of which I’m up to page 35 in Book 2 (Battle of Three Realms) and the outline seems to be pretty well in place for this.  If I can spend some quality time this weekend, I might be able to get out 10-15 pages.
Which reminds me, how many pages is normal to get out on a first draft?  Seems like I can get a lot done in about 5 hours of focused time (which is hard to come by of course).  Any thoughts?

Another Few Pages

Well, final edits continue on Book 1 (up through page 210) and put in a few more pages in Book 2 (up to 24  now).  I’m thinking there should be more hours in the day. I trying to keep up with several writing groups I found in Linkedin.com which seem to provide good guidance.

Here’s a list for those I’m using:

  • Fiction Writers Guild
  • The Writers Network
  • Books and Writers

Worked on my first YouTube video this week for the Shield of Skool and looks pretty good in my humble opinion. I hope to post a link soon but I’m waiting until about a week before the book is ready to publish. Also have a new Facebook account focused on my Clovel Sword series.

And finally, did some updates on the website as well.

Another Night of Edits for the Shield of Skool

Another late night of final editing going on in the Brewer household while watching my son watch the Wayside School show. Just completed updates to my website and happy to hear any comments about the design, etc. It’s a work in progress.

On Book 2 of the Clovel Sword Chronicles I’m finished with about 20 pages of the first draft.  Working Title for this book is Battle for Three Realms.  You can see a preliminary Cover for the book on my website.

First Day Blog

Welcome to my first post about my current and upcoming novels.

Finally getting off my butt after a few years, I’m in the final edit stage for my first novel of the Shield of Skool, due out by mid March.  Use the link to see sample drafts of Chapters One and Two.  Also, some preliminary cover work is there for next projects as well.  If you don’t want to use the link, here is the working synopsis.

Shipwrecked and marooned on an Ynysover beach, Urith and his young cousin Oslaf set off to meet the powerful Sacred Overlord in his Citadel of Br-Ynys. Soon, the Esterblud warriors face deadly traps set by unknown enemies and struggle to define who is friend or foe as the boundaries between gods and humans begin falling apart. Crossing the highlands, they find allies in a demigod called Mivraa and a beautiful young girl named Fedelm. From the visions of hakra friends, this group of travelers learns that powerful enemies are aligned against them in a race to find an ancient relic of the gods, known as the Skool.

Convinced they can bring stability back to the Kamin realms, the Esterbluds and their companions find their way to the ruins of Da-Rinell, legendary home of the Great Passing. On their journey, they battle mortal enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them while learning who they can trust as chaos comes to the realms of the gods. For the visions of the future given by prophets are not set and humans have as much to fear as the immortal gods about their future.