First Day Blog

Welcome to my first post about my current and upcoming novels.

Finally getting off my butt after a few years, I’m in the final edit stage for my first novel of the Shield of Skool, due out by mid March.  Use the link to see sample drafts of Chapters One and Two.  Also, some preliminary cover work is there for next projects as well.  If you don’t want to use the link, here is the working synopsis.

Shipwrecked and marooned on an Ynysover beach, Urith and his young cousin Oslaf set off to meet the powerful Sacred Overlord in his Citadel of Br-Ynys. Soon, the Esterblud warriors face deadly traps set by unknown enemies and struggle to define who is friend or foe as the boundaries between gods and humans begin falling apart. Crossing the highlands, they find allies in a demigod called Mivraa and a beautiful young girl named Fedelm. From the visions of hakra friends, this group of travelers learns that powerful enemies are aligned against them in a race to find an ancient relic of the gods, known as the Skool.

Convinced they can bring stability back to the Kamin realms, the Esterbluds and their companions find their way to the ruins of Da-Rinell, legendary home of the Great Passing. On their journey, they battle mortal enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them while learning who they can trust as chaos comes to the realms of the gods. For the visions of the future given by prophets are not set and humans have as much to fear as the immortal gods about their future. 

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