Change for Change

It appears I was premature about my cover design. After lots of thinking, and rethinking, I’ve settled on the one I want to use.  So, (dramatic music here)….introducing the Shield of Skool Cover — again..

I like this one the best out of the limited capabilities of createspace (and my budget) so I’m using the expertise from those who reviewed my first attempt and adding a bit of my own twist.

Also, in preparation for the publication of my novel on March 31(no pressure on my editor, wink, wink) today I started out on Goodreads with some reviews and will turn into an author site with publication.  Here is the link… seems to be a great site for readers and networking.  Added some reviews and read a sample of In the Shadows by Jess Dixon.  I recommend it if you like the vampire genre.

Also, found an interesting forum entry about top editing tips so thought I would link that up as well.

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