Easter Sundy

Woke this morning and noticed twelve followers on my twitter account that I set up yesterday. I really appreciate the reception on the first day. I hope that bodes well for my novel coming out this week.

Seems somehow inappropriate to be writing about my characters and their battles with gods on this day but, with my son interested in The Bible movie series, I’ve rediscovered some great characters in the stories that allow me think about how one would discover and converse with angels and prophets.  I highly recommend the series.

This week I was following the debate about the Amazon acquisition of Goodreads.  There seems to be a lot of angst among the indie authors about this but unfortunately I really don’ t have a good crystal ball about the effect.  I would think they could use the recommendations website to benefit everyone while increasing their revenue but I’ve seen how stupid large companies can be with their new acquisitions at times within my own world.  

Now back to the Shield of Skool.

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