Final Edits Complete – Shield of Skool This Week

Well, it’s nearly here.  After many hours of edits and re-edits, the Shield of Skool is coming out this week. I’ll do an official launch on the day it is available online and in print. Due to the questions I’ve been receiving about my book, I put together a little overview about the Clovel Sword Chronicles which I’ve added below.


This epic fantasy is set during an undetermined time on a different world that lacks dragons, fairies, goblins, and trolls.  With the Clovel Sword Chronicles, you have a world where the gods and humans maintain a tense co-existence serving the needs of each realm.  Jealous and petty gods sometimes breed with humans, creating demigods that live and travel between the realms.  It is the souls of humans that fill the dominions of the deities, an ancient pact between both sides.

On this planet, the monsters are real, created in the underworld and let loose to inflict pain and suffering on the humans to please gods with no soul.  Such atrocious beasts can be defeated by the great warriors using their skills with weapons and talismans forged by both god and human.

Dreams and visions are tools used in the schemes and maneuverings of kings and their followers. And heroes follow a code set by the first human to cast out the original deities, called the Guardians.  Now, a new hero is needed as gods and humans are fighting for control of the three realms.

These are the myths and realities of a world called Kamin.

Also, there is a new cover for the book that was completed. Here it is.

Also, have to point out my new trailer on YouTube, please look it over.

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