New Trailer For Your Enjoyment

Clovel Sword Chronicles Trailer is now available on Youtube. Take a look and let me know your thoughts about the trailer.

I have 93 people in the contest for one free paper back book Shield of Skool on Goodreads. I appreciate the interest which has surpassed my expectations.  But, I’ll be happy to have more sign up. You can also sign up on this blog site (upper right email address) as well for another copy that is specific to views of my blog.

Another site for picking up the Shield of Skool.  It is available on which distributes out to multiple other sites so many ebook sites should have this novel now.

For the upcoming Battle for Three Realms, I’m finished with page 88 of the first draft (nearly end of 3rd chapter) so I’m happy with the progress.

Want to send out special thanks to my 610+ followers on as well.  In less than a month, I really appreciate so many who have shown an interest in my work.

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