IT’S FREE – Mythos of Kamin

Just trying to get word out that the new Mythos of Kamin is a FREE DOWNLOAD on the following sites:

Smashwords (Kindle and epub formats)

Kobo Books (epub)

You can find the links on my websites ( and
Unfortunately I cannot get it to be free yet on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

In other news, I’m over page 100 on the 2nd book, Battle of the Three Realms and expect that’s about 1/3 of the total for the book (give or take 50 pages more). I’m finding this book to be a challenge do to the split of group and new characters I’m introducing. So, not moving as fast as I expected.

For new information on Indie publishing, here’s a book award links page that is somewhat dated but the links may be useful for the updates and material considered –

And a forum for book news and posting your information on free books, contests, etc.

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