Another Saturday and More Updates

Since I’m splitting my “free” time between marketing my 2 current works and writing the Battle of Three Reams (Book 2), I must face the dilemma that all writers have.

What to do first and what is the best way to market your works given the time you have?

So I started with finding out what others have done.

MARKETING:  Here are links for anybody that might prove useful as I’m doing some of them but the juries still out on how effective they are working for me.

If you have any links that are useful, please send them my way with a post of your own.

2nd BOOK- My other time is spent trying to finish the second book. I’m 155 pages in at this point and expect it will come in about the same as the first ~300-325 pages.  My first was 324 pages in print form which is a little over 104k words. I’m finding this novel is moving well but I’ve added some characters and more is going on in some ways which could make it confusing (no spoilers here).  I expect if all goes well that could be out in late August 2013.

In other new, I’ve moved the short story Mythos of Kamin to Kindle Select to see if I can get some Free downloads and reviews moving on Amazon. FREE DOWNLOADs begin tomorrow for 3 days.4


“Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, and valleys of frustration and failure.” Calvin & Hobbes quote

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