Balls to the Walls – Is that a bad term to use?

Current and Future Work:

I’ve come up with a new series I will be focused on after the 2nd book of Clovel Sword Chronicles.  Hint, I’m trying to expand my work back on the Earth we know using a classic story by an anonymous author.  Yes, that’s a broad hint but more to come. However, if you know my stories, it’s not hard to figure out.

If you think you know the answer, send me a note or post in comments below…. ;o)  I’ll let you know if you have it or not.

Otherwise, I’ve been so focused on working through my 2nd book that I realized I haven’t kept my blog up to date. Nearly 200 pages complete on Battle for Three Realms and trying hard to finish draft by end of this month and move into editing and out to publication by end of August.

Other News:

Being a minor geek with comics, I’ve been watching Comic-Con with interest and noticed how much of the information seems to be focused on old franchises from Marvel and DC world (as reported by the Hollywood Reporter).  Just in the commercials/trailers I see, it is marketing the “tried and true” within the world of comics.

This got me thinking about indie writing and the similarities of the book industry to keep shoveling out the same type of stuff based upon an “idea” of what hot in a genre or subgenre.  Seems the industry could expand the genre and cross pollinate more to expand the audience/buyers.  However, the industry looks to be more comfortable to pigeonhole everyone (readers/writers) into a specific target because obviously, nobody could possible read and enjoy books on the paranormal while they enjoy books about the history of the American Revolution.  No doubt it’s tough to move away from a genre when the author becomes successful (aka, JK Rowling was doing a detective novel under a secret name, like Stephen King and others, etc.).  However, technology access (POD, ebooks, etc.) makes it a level playing field in so many ways.  I’m hope that a creative mind can come up with a way to allow original creations the same level of visibility on par with all of the hyped marketing that promotes the “tried and true”.  Perhaps it’s an age old question, never to be known….

Found the following sites for reviews/links/etc.


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