Get Ready for the holidays

Trying to get ready for the holidays and make time to write. So, I’ve completed my updates on Clovelsword website and finishing up final edits on the Battle for Three Realms.  I hope to have Book 2 complete and available for sale on December 1.

Have nearly 1300 followers on Twitter now and I appreciate each tweet they send. I’m learning a lot about how this universe of twitter works and finding great books and other items of interest.  Stop by and say hello.

Other work – Started up another novel but moving over to YA/NA realm with the first of a series of books, tentative titled Monster Slayer Chronicles.  It’s a little premature to talk about it with only 18k words so far but I’m pleased with the progress.  I hope to get most of this wrapped up by end of the year and will have more details during my next updates.  

Other news – Looking at recipes that my wife shows me for the holidays. Too much food to sort through but I’m not complaining.

Book Links for you to consider for the holidays (friends and excellent authors I know)

Cyndi Goodgame

Jenelle Schmidt

Travis Luedke

M. Edward McNally

My new trailer


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