Battle for Three Realms Now Available

It took far too long but the Clovel Destroyer is back.  Anticipated second book of the Clovel Sword Chronicles is another wild ride, complete with deadly alliances, intrigue and subterfuge among the humans and gods seeking control of Kamin.  But, at what cost?  Chaos grips the human world as underworld beasts murder the innocent, assassination leads to war, and a hidden visitor from the Dark Void changes the balance of power among the bickering gods. 

Urith and his allies seek the missing pieces of the Skool despite all of the deadly obstacles in their way.  Now the personal issues of love and jealousy enter their group, along with new friends.  Threatening the future of the humans and gods, the Battle for Three Realms begins.

Available exclusively on in paperback and Kindle editions. Free for Prime subscribers. Get your copy today.
Find out more about the series at

Find out more about the series at

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