The Latest on Clovel Sword Plus a NEW Book.

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I’ve been hard at work on my new YA story. 

I’m finishing up the last chapter and expect it to be finished about March. Here’s a preview of the introduction.

Based upon lost document uncovered by the Miskatonic University, our story comes from the Codex Lyge Gēatas, translating as the Book of Lying Geats.  Written by a little known monk called Sigibert, who trained under the Celtic priest, St. Columbanus, the codex follows the adventures of Beowulf during his travels around the North Sea.  Sigibert writes of fantastic adventures filling in the missing pieces of great king’s early years. 

The following excerpt comes from one of Sigibert’s letters found within the codex.

To the holy Lords and Fathers or Brothers in Christ, the Bishops, Priests, and remaining Orders of holy Church, I, Sigibert the sinner, forward Greeting in Christ.

I render thanks to my God, that for my sake so many holy men have been gathered together to treat of the truth of faith and good works. Moreover, as befits such, to judge of the matters under dispute with a just view of this Codex to which the exploits of the Geat King Beowulf laid forth as I may recall them with my unworthy memory.  While this leader’s pagan past are known throughout the lands of the north, my brother monks have begun to take these adventurous tales to lay on parchment the foundation of our great faith among the local wretches.   These stories of great courage and fortitude in which the Geats destroy many hellish creatures that roam the lands doing the devil’s work, plant a seed of awaking in the infertile minds where we travel.  Carrying a sword called bjollugæti (giant killer), blessed and banded by the words of Christ on the blade, a pagan and his followers unknowingly follow God’s work to create a path spreading the gospels among the heathens.  Our monks assist this effort, by hurling these arrows, as it were, of earnest prayers to help the people in their need to find the faith. By showing the power of our Lord’s sword in the hands of a great pagan, we receive great tidings of goodwill and blessed events.    

Fathers, pray for us as we also do for you, wretched though we be; for we are all joint members of one body under the Lord, whether Angle or Dane or whatever our race be. Let all our races rejoice in the comprehension of faith and the fear of the Son of God.

First letter reference: the Codex Lyge Gēatas written to the Papal Council by Sigibert in AD570.


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