Latest Short Story Just Finished.Trail to Omcuur

Well, the days and nights have gotten away from me and I’ve failed to update my blog yet again.  Tonight I finally got another short story for the Clovel Sword Chronicles out on Amazon. 

Trail to Omcuur, The Covel Sword Chronicles Story #2 should be available by tomorrow morning (11/1/15).  I’ll post the link when it’s live.  I’m pretty proud of this short (about 55 pages) which follows Urith after the death of his wife and father (which is described in the Free download – The Clovel Destroyer).

I’ve also started on Book 3 of the Chronicles but that has taken a slight hiatus due to the Beowulf book which is finished and I’m trying to get publication completed this year. Which leads me to a question for anyone who might be reading this. 

How many stories, books, screenplays, etc. can a person realistically have going at the same time?  For myself, a good point is about 3-4 writing projects at the same time.  However, I’ve found difficulty in managing multiple genres in these projects.  I have a interesting story (dark fantasy) I began after some initial outlining which I believe would be a great book.  Where the difficulty lies is trying to get another book (political thriller) moving where the characters and setting is modern and realistic. 

Does anyone have suggestions about how they handle such things? I would welcome thoughts.  I think I’ll post the question out on Goodreads.

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