Spear as used in the Clovel Sword Series

A versatile weapon, the spear was a hunting tool turned into a battle instrument.  Cheap, easy to make and deadly, unskilled warriors or experts could use it.  It is one of the oldest types of tools, so it is commonplace in my series of stories.  One of the main things I enjoy about the weapon is the ability to make it either a thrown device or something to used to stab or slash an opponent.  Because the length of the pole and the blade tip were varied and designed for specific functionality, the world of the Kamin warriors might use multiple variations of the same weapon layout.   

As a thrown weapon, I based the spears used by most fighters on the Roman pilum.  Made of a wooden pole or shaft affixed to an iron shank which ended with a barbed, pyramidal tip, it was a nasty weapon that was designed to promote penetration, such as going through a shield or armor.  Once it penetrated, the metal would bend or twist, due to the weight of the pole, causing the weapon to remain attached.  So, if such a weapon struck a fighter, the damage could be substantial and remain attached causing more injury while hampering their ability to fight back. In fact, I used this weapon to set up scenes on how the characters would deal with such wounds. 

The versatility of the weapon allowed me to use variations in the roles a character would use a particular tool. For example, guards and those with similar roles might have pikes or the voulge which were long handled pole weapons combining the strength of a spear along with an axe-like cleaver blade.  While such long poles are unwieldy in close quarter combat, their use would be intimidating to the local populace and very efficient against mounted warriors on ossanes.  The weapons had a dual purpose spearhead which could hook onto opponents and drag them off their mounts.  The deadly instrument is capped off with a spike that allows for powerful thrusting attacks against charging foes. I equipped several demigods and gods with this weapon since I liked the power of the design.

In order not to overwhelm the reader with so many variations that I could have used, I decided to keep my scenes concentrated on just these two types of weapons. Beyond the description of the instrument, I found that the spear allowed me the flexibility to create scenes where the odds could shift or change based on the number of spearmen, or deployment of fighters. With its versatility and lethality, the spear is an instrument which is practical, useful and symbolic inside the warrior culture of Kamin.
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