Fantasy Seasons on Kamin

With the hot weather spreading across my part of the world, it reminded me of the seasons of Kamin where I’ve tried to incorporate the changes of weather into the stories.  Since the Clovel Sword Chronicles is a world which has no air conditioning, heating and cooking are done with wood, and the weather forecasts require predictions from “sensitive people,” life must react to the extremes in temperature or climate.

As we become more isolated from our natural world, I find it fascinating how we complain at a slight sweat walking across the parking lot.  Or, we act like the world if falling apart when a storm ties up traffic on the way home from our cubicle.  Thinking back to our ancestors (and by extension, my characters), how long would a modern person last in the heat of summer if you dressed in heavy, wool padded undergarments, covered with steel mesh armor, and a steel helmet while you fought for your life with swords, maces, and spears?  Better yet, travel across the Neewar mountains in the same clothing during the coldest of winter while trying to stay warm on an almost domesticated ossane as you fight the blinding snow. I guess a lot of us would have dropped out of either situation in the first few minutes.

Within my stories, I’ve imagined the sounds, smells, and senses that weather brings to a person to understand how one might handle the situation.  If done correctly, incorporating the bitterly cold day or torrential rainfall of a storm within the storytelling brings the reader in close.  Suddenly, they can remember the shivering and need to blow hot breath across their frozen hands.  The reader recalls the massive drops of rain, torrents of water streaming down their face, blinding them as they run across the field.  I believe such experience is common across generations.  If so, then it can be a useful device to bring your readers into your writing, rather than an interested spectator.


My new novel, Infinite Loop, should be out within the next month.  This is my first venture into a different genre.  I think of it as a paranormal mystery.  There will be more information coming soon.  I hope you will take an opportunity to look it over on my website.

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