This Blog has Moved – Random Thoughts of Future Work

Years of experience should have warned me but, like normal, it took longer than I projected to move over my WordPress blog to another hosted solution.  Everything looks to be live and working.

The Clovel Sword Chronicles is complete for the moment with Book 3 out.  Take a look at Downfall of the Gods.

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I think it wraps up the series nicely but, then again, I’m biased.

For those who might be interested, I have new work coming down the pike.  I was so happy with the Infinite Loop story that I’m making great progress on a new book tentatively titled, A Shot of Irish.  Set right after World War 2, I’m describing it as a noir/pulp mystery with cynicism, corruption, payoffs, plot twists and motives galore. I’ll be putting Chapter 1 out on Wattpad in the near future.

As you might tell, I’m a huge fan of the pulps and reading (or re-reading) several of Chandler’s and Hammett’s works along with pulp serials found online.  Still a huge fan of Maltese Falcon (book and Bogart movie) but the Thin Man is great as well.

Well back to bumping gums about a shamus whose dizzy with a dame, unable to get his gat out in time before some gunsel starts throwing lead!

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