Second Annual Indie Author Day

I just noticed that the Annual Indie Author Day will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 which is just around the corner.  Please share this date with your friends and colleagues to get your local library involved with this event if they haven’t already signed up.



Using Solar Events in Your Writing

With the big event of the solar eclipse coming through our part of the planet tomorrow, the whole thing got me to wondering about books that have used such celestial occurrences as part of the plot. How many stories/books can you think of which use these rare events? I know from a plot device view, it’s often seen as mystical, often used for end of the world or the coming of a new age.

Comment back and give me the best fictional stories using a solar eclipse in the plot. In the meantime, here’s my testing pic to make sure my camera is ready.

Article Sharing and Updates

Hello again.  As you might have noticed, I fell behind in getting to the blog again.  And, once again, I apologize.  That said, I’ve found some interesting articles to share along with updates on where I’ve been hiding.


I don’t know if you subscribe but I’m a fan of Publisher’s Weekly articles and found one this issue which is an interest take about cultivating fans of your work.   Frankly, the article (while too brief) hit close to home with me.  As an author, I’ve been negligent in following the advice given.  While some of the issue is due to Amazon’s tight control of data (where many of my free stories are read), it’s clear I need to develop that trust at this website/blog.  Thus, a goal for me.

Huffington Post (if you can get through the political inclaptrap) had some observations from Brooke Warner concerning the shrinking change to the latest BookExpo and other views from the small publisher.  For those of you who might have attended this conference, what are your thoughts?  Please comment below.

Also, I noticed this article from last year which I forgot to mention in my previous posts.  The author of the article is coming at Best Seller Lists from the view of an entrepreneur which, he argues, can be different than a professional writer.  In this article, he lays out an argument that might rub some writers the wrong way but it is an interesting thought.

Latest News about my books.

  1. A Shot of Irish is in final edits and I hope to have out by the end of September for the holidays.
  2. Additionally, I hope to have the Entire 3 Books of the Clovel Sword Chronicles combined into a single ebook before the holidays as well.
  3. In the background, I have Black Hanna (horror), Tales of Charax (new fantasy away from the Clovel Sword) and Skeleton Face (suspense) all in various stages of development.  I hope to hit January 2018 with one of these 3 stories ready to go.

Last but not least, I’m asking for you to download my last free novellas if you haven’t already done so.  Plus, if you drop me a line, I’ll update you when the latest articles and new stories are coming out.