Battle for Three Realms

Clovel Sword Chronicles Book 2

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In the ancient and mystical world of Kamin, the odds are against Urith and his small band of allies. Nearly destroyed by the gods of the sky, the allied group remain hunted outlaws while they escape to new lands. During their journey, they face tests to their friendships and loyalties as the small band must go their separate ways.

Oslaf finds common cause with a young ruler of Vulthnal, only to have his ideals of warrior honor dashed when he becomes part of a village massacre. Many leagues away, the Clovel Destroyer inadvertently becomes an unwitting tool in the deadly intrigue after an assassination leads to war between the two rival kingdoms. Urith and Fedelm divert their search for the Skool to find their demigod companion, Mivraa, who endures the brutality of her brother gods.

While the gods manipulate their powerful human allies, a banished Guardian reemerges from the Dark Void. The ancient deity unleashes fearsome monsters upon the innocent people, seeking to disrupt the delicate balance between gods and humanity. Only the growing power inside the Shield of Skool, carried by a hunted warrior, can stop the slaughter.

The Battle for Three Realms begins.

This book is intended for adult readers. Due to the brutal and ruthless nature of warfare and cultural norms of the Kamin world, the stories contain graphic violence, sexual violence, creative language, and innuendo. This book does not contain explicit sexual content.

Clovel Sword Series Series:
Book 1: Shield of Skool
Book 2: Battle for Three Realms
Book 3: Downfall of the Gods

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