New Adventures of Beowulf – Young Adult Fantasy

Dreygurs rampage across the kingdom of Bernicia, feasting upon the inhabitants and threatening the power of King Ida. In response, the old man decides to risk the life of an upstart champion whose exploits as a monster hunter fill the mead halls around the North Sea.

Beowulf is a young leader on the rise in his homeland of Geat. The brash leader receives an offer to rid the lands of the undead monsters and impulsively accepts. Like any restless warrior of seventeen, the Geat champion hurries to the ravaged kingdom where Viking and Norse myths and magic are real.

In his quest to destroy the deadly monsters, the future hero learns pride and foolish bravado can be as lethal as the magical terrors they face. Suffering setbacks and inner turmoil, Beowulf discovers a malevolent sorceress and her underworld allies could put an end to his destiny of becoming the world’s greatest Monster Slayer.

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Beowulf Curse of the Dreygurs

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