Exciting News for Fans of the Ray Irish Mystery Series

The 2nd book of the series will be coming soon.  We have a new cover to reveal today. I can also reveal the new book has more twists and turns as Ray Irish tries to tackle two cases of murder and kidnapping at the same time.  Expect the book to come out in ebook format sometime in mid-May 2018.

Die If You Want Praise – Ray Irish Mystery Book 2

Another Month

It’s time to catch up with the latest news.

First, Goodreads is having a Mystery Thiller Week according to their blog.  Sense I’m moving heavily into the genre, I thought I would take a look.  Lots of interesting books in the list and, of course, too many to read given the lack of spare time.  You should add your thoughts and ideas to their blog.

Second, Booklife has an interesting article on a successful indie writer.  I’m always pursuing through such articles that arrive on my email to collect tidbits useful to my own endeavors.   If you have subscribed to the Booklife emails, I recommend that you do.

Third,  Blogger/Author has an interesting take on branding and useful ideas for your own development as an author.  Take a look.

Which leads to my own marketing.

My YA book Beowulf: Curse of the Dreygurs is scheduled as a promotion on April 12th, 2018 on Bargain Booksy.  If you haven’t subscribed to their emails, I recommend them even when I’m not promoting my own stories.

By the way the Beowulf book will be only 99 cents that day only.  Pick up a copy if you like fantasy and myths based upon one of the greatest heroes of the past.



Promotion Tool for Authors

Since I’m not good at keeping up with my blog, I thought I would try to make it up by giving out some tips on tools and promotions that I’ve used with some success recently.

Consolidating all of the links to your books:

If you use more than just Amazon for selling your ebooks, you will find it’s difficult to spread the word about your books on B&N, Kobo, Ibooks, etc.  Since I use Draft2Digital as the distributor for my 6 books, I began using their Universal links feature.  https://www.books2read.com/.

Once you add your book to this tool, it’s fairly easy to set up and does a discovery of your books on each channel.  When completed, all of your channels will show up in one simple URL (example below).  The user simply clicks on the icon to go directly to your book at the site.


This site will also give you rudimentary stats for clicks through each channel, etc. But it will not allow you to determine any strong ROI for ads you might using.  However, the site does give you enough information to confirm whether your ads are effective to a particular channel.

Give it a try and see if you agree.  Click on my cover below and you will see an example.

A Shot of Irish



For those suffering from writers block, here’s some advice from Booklife that I like.


Second Annual Indie Author Day

I just noticed that the Annual Indie Author Day will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 which is just around the corner.  Please share this date with your friends and colleagues to get your local library involved with this event if they haven’t already signed up.




Interesting News for Authors

For those of you who might have missed the latest from multiple resources, I’ve found a few articles that could help writers who are looking to incorporate missing pieces to advance their work.

8 Top Publishing Lessons Authors Need To Know

How to Market on a Budget

The Three Pillars of Blog Traffic


And a shameless plug for my stories.

Gordon Brewer on Goodreads

The Clovel Destroyer
The Clovel Destroyer (Clovel Sword Chronicles)

reviews: 2

ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.83)


Trail to Omcuur
Trail to Omcuur

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Shield of Skool
Shield of Skool (Clovel Sword Chronicles #1)

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Were Have I Been Lately?

Just like normal, I’ve focused on my latest story and forgotten to keep this site up-to-date. But my latest murder mystery, A Shot of Irish, is now in final edits and should be available around August. As the details about the cover and marketing efforts get closer, I’ll be posting additional information here and on my twitter account. I will be putting the first chapter on Wattspad soon as well.

Also, my books are available in paperback and ebook format on Lulu at special discounted rates.  Take a look.