The Clovel Sword Series Book 1 is only 99 cents

That’s correct, I’ve got the Shield of Skool for sale at a great price and available at all of your favorite ebook retail stores.  Get your copy today.

Urith discovers prophecy predetermined his path. He will seek a weapon of the gods. But adversaries know of the prophecy as well, and they want the power that comes from the Skool. Even the brutal gods join in the quest, creating deadly encounters for Urith and his comrades. Urith learns that honor is gone, trust is nebulous, and his opponents ruthless in the hunt for the Shield of Skool.

Only 2 days before latest release – Die If You Want Praise

My latest Ray Irish book is available for pre-order and will release on June 1.  Here’s the marketing blurb:

He’s a hard-boiled private detective with no clients and a crazy landlady looking for his overdue rent. After a young gunman walks into his office, telling him to lay off of a case he’s not involved with, Ray soon finds himself in the middle of murder, deceit, and deception. Brought in to investigate a fiendish killing, which leads to another, the shamus tries to sort out the sinister motive. Paintings with eerie depictions of the murders hang near the bodies, and the police believe it’s the work of a madman.

But that’s not the worst part. Irish lets Orella, his new client, get kidnapped. Feeling like a juggler on a high wire act, Ray struggles to find his client who stole a valuable ring at the same time he seeks the real purpose behind two wealthy cousins hiring him to retrieve the same ring. In his search, Ray descends into the late 1940s world of narcotic pushers and users.

As the pressure from the two cases takes their toll, Ray rekindles his relationship with Samantha Carter, considered by the police to be a suspect in the murders. She brings out buried emotions that are as difficult to manage as his business relationship with his mercenary partner, Cat Bennett. It doesn’t help that nightmares and ghosts invade his sleep, reminding him of unfinished business.

The atmosphere around Oyster City grows black with each passing day as Ray discovers his friends have similar supernatural dreams. The tarot cards of the Shadows foreshadow their evil presence as they continue bloody and violent rituals. While the citizens go about their daily lives, little do they understand that a dark period of history is about to return to a terrifying climax.

All the Latest News

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog.  Between the holidays and focused writing, I’ve neglected spending time on my site.  It’s kind of like removing Christmas decorations, I’ll get to it when I find the time.

The 2nd Book of the Ray Irish Occult Mystery is complete in its final draft, edits/beta/proofreads will take up the next 30-60 days so I expect it will be available around tax time.  Title for the book is Die If You Want Praise.

I’ve also decided to begin another Clovel Sword book due to interest from readers about the series generated over the holidays.  The Sagas will start when Urith was younger, just after the death of his wife and father.  The novellas (free downloads) will give readers a start at the timeline where the Sagas pick up.

Also, I’ve made some progress on my debut horror book called Black Hanna.  If all goes well, I expect it will be available by the end of 2018.

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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

In honor of my past tradition of showing postcards from the past for the holidays.

I hope you can share the tradition  of unity, family, and kindness to others in this time where hate and division are sowed by seekers of wealth and destruction through clicks and isolation.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
Abraham Lincoln


My Latest Book – A Shot of Irish

After several rounds of edits and a beta reading, my new hard-boiled occult mystery book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Lulu.  I hope you will take a few minutes to look over the preview below.

A Shot of Irish – A New Mystery Novel Coming this Weekend

It’s about time for my next book.  I’m happy to state that my latest novel went off to the printer this morning.  I should have my printed copy to review next week.  In the meantime, the ebook version should be out this weekend.  I’ll be sending out more information through my Facebook and Twitter accounts this evening.


 A corrupt city ran by a political machine.

Racketeers and gangsters fight for control of the waterfront.
Mysterious, bloody murders occur throughout the city.
Black-robed figures are offering blood sacrifices to an unknown demon.

Ray Irish has found his home.

In the months following World War II,Irish travels from town to town trying to drown the memories of pain and carnage with bottles of whiskey. He is a tramp, and his mode of transportation is the inside of railroad cattle cars. When Irish drifts into Oyster City, struggling town nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, a chance encounter in a back alley gives him an unanticipated job and a couple of new suits.  Working for the corrupt man he saves, Irish quickly discovers his new home has a polished veneer that barely conceals layers of deception and treachery.

Paired with a conniving woman photographer named Cat, Irish descends into a world of grifters, racketeers, and cops on the take. Something more ominous lies behind the tranquil image that is projected by the town elders. The grisly murders of a chauffeur and a policeman are only part of a web of odd occurrences involving strange people wearing the masks of tarot card characters. While Irish battles with thugs who have him in their sights, the ex-Seabee follows a chain of unusual events which might lead to a murderer or his death.

He will need the luck of the Irish to survive in a city that hates outsiders.

A Cover Reveal – A Shot of Irish

I just received the finished cover this morning and I couldn’t wait to pass it around.

A Shot of Irish is a supernatural hard boil mystery coming in October. Ray Irish drifts into Oyster City, nestled along the Chesapeake Bay just after World War 2. While traveling across the land to escape his mental demons, the veteran finds his solace in whiskey and isolation. A chance encounter inside an alley leads Irish to an unanticipated job working for the corrupt man he saves. Paired with an unscrupulous woman photographer named Cat, Ray quickly descends into the world of grifters and racketeers. However, something ominous lies under the surface. The grisly murders of a chauffeur and a cop are only part of a foul web of strange occurrences involving robed figures wearing the masks of tarot card characters. The ex-Seabee might discover the secrets before the city that hates outsiders removes him permanently.

I hope you like this new cover as much as I do.