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The Clovel Sword Chronicles is a series of sword and sorcery adventure novels and novellas set in a dark fantasy world of Kamin.

Clovel Sword Chronicle Novels

The Clovel Destroyer is the hard-nosed leader of men in combat, not a diplomat. However, Urith dutifully follows his overlord’s command to meet with the treacherous Sacred Overlord, the head of priests who worship brutal gods. Now, any chance for peace among the four powerful kingdoms lays shattered like his broken ship upon the sandy beach.

Intrigues and prophecy force Urith, and his nephew Oslaf, to become hunted refugees who must cross enemy lands. Deadly adversaries align to stop the man who will discover a weapon of the gods. Soon, the gods enter the race to recover their lost weapon, turning the realm of humanity upside down. In a deadly challenge where trust is nebulous, there is no room for failure as each side searches for the Shield of Skool.

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FREE Novellas – These two short stories are Free as ebook downloads to give the reader a background to Urith in his younger days. In this back-story to the dark fantasy Clovel Sword Chronicles, the young fighter carries a newly disfiguring scar following his first loss during battle. His world is quickly ripped apart following the death of his pregnant wife and his father. In his struggles to find a path into the future, the man must overcome his need for merciless violence to quench his bitter grief.

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