The Kamin World of Urith

The setting for the Clovel Sword Series is Kamin, a terra planet of fantastic creatures and humans.  Two small moons rotate above Kamin.

The known world around Maflow Sea consists of kingdoms ruled by overlords or various tribes.

Kamin Map Color

Lands of Kamin

Esterblud is the kingdom of Penhda and home to the Esterblud, Eranis, and Gramcle tribes.  Surrounded by the kingdoms of Cahmais, Ynyover, and Eernicia, it borders a great mountain range to the East called the Neewar Mountains which are home to the miners of Eranis tribe.

Cities of Esterblud

Eran is the home of the King’s fortress and base of power.

Cilgarran is the home village of Urith.

Gramcan is one of the cities of the South with a harbor, not far from Cahmais border.

Kanhan is a village on the Eernicia border which was overrun by the Death Bearers.   The village is at the base of the Neehorsh peak where monsters called the Ranqels live in abandoned caves.

Cahmais is a kingdom mostly controlled by the Aberffraw tribe of King Asgurd.  There are pockets of Gallaeci tribes who resent the Aberffraw leaders.  Land is the reputed home to the Skool and native home to Aberffraw wine used to commune with the gods. Eilginn Mountains within the enemy territory lead to the Du-Rinell ruins. South of Cahmais lies a line of volcanoes as part of the long stretch of a great mountain range from Eer.

Cities of Cahmais

Uugaraa is a large city with a harbor on western side of Cahmais.  It is home to temple of Uugor and the Overlord of Cahmais.

Hyropda is small fishing village and harbor on the path to Du-Rinell.

Du-Rinell is the ruins of a great city destroyed during battle against the gods.

Turqew is a small village at a crossroads near the ruins of Du-Rinell.

Barean is a small coastal village on the other side of Uugaraa and home to Flacanus.

Ynyover is small kingdom, nearly surrounded by Cahmais.   It is a neutral kingdom and the most holy spot in the Kamin world.  Controlled by the Sacred Overlord of Ynys who is the Head of the Majireef (Council of Hakra).  Gallaeci tribes live in the backlands of Ynyover.  A Desolate mountain highland range called the Mythroloy which runs through the lands of Esterblud and Ynyover is also home to the underworld realm.

Cities of Ynyover

Citadel of Br-Ynys is the headquarters of the Sacred Overlord and his council.   The town of Gimma lays at the base of the Citadel.

Ynysbeag is a small village on the outshirts of Grimma.

Cuinal is a small harbor town on the other side of Grimma.

Mugga is a remote small mountain fortress on the border with Cahmais. Used as secondary home for the sacred overlord.

Eernicia is a kingdom to the East of Esterblud across the Triad mountains.  The land is controlled by the Orberff tribe and home to Fedelm’s family.  King Merkhan is overlord of the land.

Cities of Eernicia

Damicia is the largest city of Eerncia and home to the overlord.  A large harbor provides the city with wealth and influence.

Ffestini is a small village on the  plains of Caeteria and home to the clan of Pataric.

Kanhan is a death bearer village located on the winding trails in the barren mountains of Neewar.

Vulthnal is an unsettled land ruled by weak overlord named Barcal.  Sea raiders control much of the coastline.

Cities of Vulthnal

Alurican – home to the King Barcal, smallest of the great cities in the known Kamin world. Primary sea port for wool.  City state controlled by the wealthy merchants who manage to keep the king weak.

Casab is the home port of many sea raiders, located near a chain of islands.

Moors of Wermana – last battle of the Vulthnal Sea Raiders war where Vulthnal and Esterblud allies and the old king Reputal died with Urith’s uncle. Urith and his warriors helped the Vulthnal Guard save the young queen and her son survive, returning them to Vultanian.

Greman is a tiny hamlet on the road through the Swamps of Larcal and near a gateway to the underworld.  It sit on near the border with Eernicia.

Regiussa is a remote land not really known.  It is only accessible by sea and controlled by sea raiders who hail from the lands.  It’s only export is amarliv, a rare mineral burned for healing powers.  The mineral brings wealth along with the plunder from the pirates of the area.  Arromga is a fortified mining town where amarliv is brought and traded.